Lytham Festival 2024  – LIVE NATION announce new Premises Licence application to increase capacity to 25,000

LIVE NATION have today made an  application to increase capacity for the 2024 festival to 25,000 people for each day
Comments on the licence application must be received by Fylde Borough Council within 28 days – i.e. before 16 NOVEMBER 2023
At our public meeting on 10 October 2023 and within the comments made in our survey of Lytham residents, many issues regarding the festival were raised (see survey results)
The public meeting also agreed that separate focused meetings would be held on important topics, including the festival ahead of any proposed increase in numbers
This meeting will be an opportunity for all residents to have their voice heard, report any issues they have with the festival at its current 19,999 capacity and raise their concerns with the increase in capacity to 25,000
The meeting will also provide advise, guidance and help on how and where to make your representations directly to Fylde Borough Council and the importance of taking this action
We will publish the meeting details on and generally in social media when arrangements have been finalised.
To view the License Application click below:
Lytham Voice