Public Meeting #2

The second public meeting hosted by Lytham Voice was held at St Bede’s School on Tuesday 7 November 2023 

The meeting was held specifically to provide a platform for residents of Lytham to voice their opinion on the Application by Live Nation to increase festival numbers from 19,999 to 25,000 per day for 2024 and all future years. Additionally, the meeting was an opportunity to understand how to make valid representations to the Licencing Committee, pick up a representation form and receive help in how to complete the form

Once again Anne and Debbie opened the meeting explaining why and how Lytham Voice was created and introduced the agenda;  Andy provided an overview of Lytham Voices aims for the festival: (1) improving the everyday life for residents & businesses during the festival, (2) highlighting the opportunity for a ‘festival dividend’ for Lytham, (3) seeking an effective Residents Focus Group, (4) opening a meaningful dialogue on what a festival could be and (5) making the festival “better” for everyone

Retired judge Simon Newell guided the audience through matters related to the licensing hearing which has been provisionally scheduled for 4 December 2023 and the background to the applicant, Live Nation. He also highlighted inaccuracies within the media reporting on the Economic Assessment Report issued by Live Nation and Fylde Borough Council and commented that Lytham Voices own assessment was available on the web site

The meeting heard from members of the Resident Focus Group, established as a condition of the 2023 festival licence, highlighting from their perspective, concerns with the meeting and that it had been ineffective as a forum to resolve issues 

In an open dialogue, numerous concerns were raised, voices in favour of the festival heard and many examples of nuisance, anti-social behaviour and public safety concerns shared 

Lytham Green access was a particular concern highlighted, and Lytham Voice was questioned as to why the covenants, established to protect the Green, were not being enforced. Lytham Voice committed to raise the matter with Lytham Town Trust who own the rights under the covenant and who we believe could enforce them

Summing up Andy thanked everyone for attending and for the constructive discussion throughout. He concluded by reminding the audience that they should raise their concerns to the council before 16 November and that both forms and help to do this were available 

Attendees were encouraged to follow the Lytham Voice website which would be updated with the latest news.

The meeting closed at 7:55pm.



Public Meeting #2