Granny’s Bay Kiosk – 23 May update

The Executive Committee of Fylde Council met on Thursday 23 May 2024.

The Agenda for the meeting included Granny’s Bay Kiosk with the following two recommendations:

1. The council does not proceed with the procurement and delivery of the Fairhaven Kiosk/Ice Cream Bar capital scheme (also known as Project Vento) because of significant cost increases which have rendered the project economically unviable when reconciled with the council’s commercial strategy and the Duty of Best Value that the council is required to consider; and

2. Planning application 23/0651 for the scheme be withdrawn”.

Fylde Council

Both recommendations were approved.


A further recommendation proposed during the meeting that ‘the history of the project from inception to today is looked at and lessons learnt, so the same mistakes are not made again’ was not approved.